Wonder Woman Workout

How Gal Gadot bulked up for her movie role.


Gal Gadot, the former Miss Israel is naturally tall and slender, standing at 5’10. When news of her casting as Wonder Woman was first announced, people speculated whether she would have the strength to pull off a role that is so physically demanding. It was not enough to just tone, Gadot needed to bulk up.

To make herself look more muscular, the actress turned to strength-building workouts such as Pilates and TRX. Some of her Instagram posts show her rock climbing and incorporating weights into her routines. These render a complete full-body workout. She also did consistent cardio to increase her speed and endurance.

Her workout routine included sword fighting, Jui-Jitsu, and kung-fu. Wonder Woman is the champion of the amazons and one of the fiercest warriors in the DC comic universe, oftentimes the only woman who can stand alongside Superman and Batman. Gadot had to prove that she could hold her own.

Dare to try the Wonder Woman Workout? Try this routine designed by celebrity trainer Mark Twight for Gal Gadot.



Gadot was unable to execute a pullup when she started. This workout shows her significant progress and represents one of her more difficult sessions, after about four months of training. It was designed and implemented by Mark Twight.


Medium to High Intensity

1 hour and 30 minutes

Rowing Machine, Barbell Medicine Ball

Complete each of the following exercises, taking the corresponding minutes of rest between sets.

Exercise Reps Rest
Row* 5 min 1 – 2 min
Row** 5 min 1 – 2 min
Bear Crawl*** 30m 0
Backward Bear Crawl 30m 0
Crab Walk 30m 0
Burpee Board Jump 30m 0
Pullup**** 3 1 – 2 min
Ring Pushup***** 3 1 – 2 min

*Easy pace.
**Ten-second sprint + 50-second easy pace. ***For all 30/30 exercises, do the exercise for 30 meters, walk 30 meters back to the start as rest, then go straight into the next exercise.
****Seven sets.
*****Five sets.


Do the following exercises without resting or setting the bar down; do the full reps listed for each exercise. For example, in the first set, do 5 reps of the Romanian deadlift, 5 reps of the bentover row, etc. Weight in the chart below is expressed as a percentage of one-rep max.

Romanian Deadlift + Bentover Row + Reverse curl + Push press + Squat

Sets Reps Weight
1 5 33%
1 5 43%
4 5 53%
4 5 63%