10 Reasons to Get Fit in your 20s

Why you should start your fitness journey today!

During my 23rd birthday alongside my cousin Nikki and my aunt Yvonne
During my 23rd birthday alongside my cousin Nikki and my aunt Yvonne
10 Reasons to Get Fit in your 20s
I just turned 23 this week and it really got me thinking — what a time to be alive. Your 20s are a fun, exciting and important part of your life. You don’t always know what you’ll be doing, where you’ll be living or who you’ll be with which can be pretty scary but should never stop you from living life to the fullest. The decisions you make in your 20s will affect the rest of your life. And you don’t want to be defined by all the things you didn’t do.


Personality can change more during your 20s than at any other decade in life and it gets harder and harder to reinvent yourself in your 30s and 40s in every aspect, including fitness. Here are 10 reasons to get fit in your 20s.
1. You will be happier. 
As discussed in my previous blog post, body image plays a huge role in how satisfied we are with our lives overall. It’s the third largest factor for how good people felt about their lives after financial satisfaction and satisfaction with their love lives — and with most people just starting out their careers during their 20s, it’s one of the aspects that you can find the most success from at this stage of your life.
2. You’re at your fitness prime.
How your fitness changes through the years
How your fitness changes through the years
For sports that require short, sudden bursts of energy, athletes showed peak performance by their mid-20s, with a rapid decline in succeeding years. When you’re younger, you can push your limits. Your body has a shorter recovery time and is less susceptible to injury allowing you to train harder.
3. You’ll develop good habits for life
Adopting healthy habits such as learning to eat right and following a strict exercise routine can help keep your body working at full capacity while preventing disease. It’s much easier to form these habits early on rather than try to develop them later in life where you might have to completely turn around your established lifestyle.
4. You’ll delay aging.
Primary aging can be slowed down by a good diet. A calorie restricted diet that is sufficient in specific nutrients can extend your life span according to studies on a variety of animals wherein caloric input is reduced to 60% which prolonged animal life from 25 to 40%.
Secondary aging, which is caused by disease and poor health practices, can be countered by a healthy active lifestyle. Regular exercise reduces health risk factors such as hypertension, obesity and reduced bone density. Also, it may have direct protective effects against the atherosclerotic vascular process.
5. It will help your metabolism.
“Your metabolism slows down after your 20s,” explains Gold’s Gym Philippines Director for Training Edsel Vengco. After the age of 20, metabolism usually slows by about 2 to 3 percent every 10 years. “People tend to be more active when they are in college. When you start working in the real world, your energy expenditure decreases but your intake stays the same which is why some people tend to gain weight,” he adds.
6. You’ll be more confident.
Getting fit in your 20s can help make you feel more confident about how you look which will help you interact with others better. This would help both your career and personal relationships which are both crucial during your 20s.
7. You’ll stress less.
According to a study from Finland, people with the highest levels of physical activity, cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength experienced less stress and felt more energetic, capable and confident than those with lower stats. With all the uncertainty that comes with being twenty-something, getting fit can help significantly reduce your stress levels.
8. You’ll be more productive.
Exercise helps release the happy hormone and helps regulate the distribution of oxygen and nutrients in your bloodstream. When you’re in a better mood, you’re more productive and more creative. You’ll also call in sick less as exercise boosts your immune system.
9. You’ll learn to set goals
10. It will be easier to stay fit as you get older.
Building on the foundations of fitness while you’re young makes it easier to maintain a fit and healthy body for the rest of your life.

The bottom line is, the best time to get fit is right now. If you’re currently in your teens or 20s, then great! It’s time to embark on your fitness journey. If you aren’t, don’t despair. Whatever your age may be, you can still enjoy all the benefits of getting fit at any stage of your life. :)

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